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The elegant formal skirts and trousers by Marina Rinaldi are designed for curvy women and combine elegance with versatility, to enhance your figure without compromise and create a complete look that is sophisticated, distinctive and luxurious. The minimalist lines and vibrant colours suit the figure of a woman who, aware of her own beauty, seeks to express feminine grace and sophistication through her clothing. The attention to quality, seen in the finishing and details, also extends to the exquisite fabrics featured throughout the Marina Rinaldi Elegante Collection. In particular, the formal palazzo trousers exude a sophisticated luxury that is never overdone. This style, which suits all shapes, creates a slender, curvaceous figure. The formal wear skirts, on the other hand, come in various styles and colours, making the outfits as versatile as possible. Those looking for an elegant complete look for a special occasion or event can create an outfit with the formal wear tops by Marina Rinaldi: all the clothing shares a refined, sophisticated allure and timeless Italian design. To enhance and complete it all, choose the refined accessories such as shoes and bags, to make your outfit even more sophisticated. You’ll find inspiration in the elegant formal wear dresses from the new Marina Rinaldi collection.